Dr Umar Now Introduces Trichopigmentation

Trichopigmentation As A Scalp Micropigmentation Alternative A tattoo related procedure known as Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), which creates the look of soft stubble on the head, is gaining more attention and popularity among male hair loss sufferers.

Dr. Sanusi Umar, a world renowned hair transplant specialist for donor depleted cases, believes that the value of using scalp pigment goes beyond the simulation of hair on completely shaven heads.



It can also provide a new form of hope for individuals who wish to benefit from hair transplant surgery, but lack sufficient quantities of head and body hair to create the fullness they want. For this reason, his office is now offering an even better alternative to standard Scalp Micropigmentation through a procedure known as Trichopigmentation.

Scalp micropigmentation and celebrity influence

The heightened interest in SMP may be due to its alleged usage on celebrities. Jamie Foxx and Vin Diesel, for example are reported to use pigment to create the semblance of a newly shaved head. If balding celebrities can continue to look their absolute best through such methods, this would naturally inspire regular individuals to do the same

The issues with regular pigmentatin methods for the scalp

Using pigment to simulate hair requires very specialized needles and ink formulations. This process cannot be done through the use of regular tattoo practices.

Common tattoo needles are too round. And using this to apply ink would create very large, obvious looking dots.

Typical Scalp Micropigmentation treatments not only use specially shaped needles to create realistic looking hair cross sections, but also attempt to use specially formulated ink that would offer more resilience to fading due to sunlight.

However, Dr. Umar points out that the depth of the pigment injections also matters for the long term quality of the color. Dark brown or black pigment can turn into a bluish or greenish shade over time. This has to do with how deeply the particles are embedded with the skin’s layers, rather than how the ink is made.

In physics, there is a light phenomenon called the Tyndall effect. Although we do not realize it, light rays constantly pass through our skin. And when there are particles suspended in clearish or translucent colloid tissue environments, this will cause the light rays to bend or refract. What ends up happening is that a blue or green hue emerges.

Once injected, skin pigments will eventually migrate to lower layers. This happens because phagocyte cells of the immune system which engulf the particles and bring them to these depths. Therefore, these conditions become quite ideal for the Tyndall effect to occur.

Regular forms of Scalp Micropigmentation will position pigment in the lower layers of the epidermis (the outermost skin layer). And this will facilitate discoloration due to light refraction. To the dismay of individuals who had hoped for convincing looking results, the look of a greenish or bluish scalp becomes a great source of distress.

Tricopigmentation for the most ideal scalp pigmentation results

According to Dr. Umar, Trichopigmentation offers a far more preferable option to general SMP treatments for the following main reasons:

Pigment is injected very superficially to avoid the Tyndall effect

The ink used is typically temporary, clear away in about two years

Individuals who opt for Trichopigmentation do not have to worry about facing possible embarrassment resulting from color changes that occur on their scalp.

Some fading may occur. But touch up procedures can help maintain the desired color saturation. The superficial injections of Trichopigmentation ensure that brown will remain brown and black will continue to remain a true black.

New promise for the donor depleted in hair transplantation

Dr. Umar is known globally for his ability to offer amazing coverage for individuals who don’t have enough scalp donor hair transplant grafts. This includes repairs for even the worst past restoration surgery results and severely bald men.

He is the inventor of patented Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction technology known as The UGraft Revolution ™ This instrumentation has been specially designed to safely remove atypical hair grafts from body regions. They can then be used as valuable resources to help challenging patient cases receive unprecedented levels of coverage.

Candidacy for these procedures depends on having enough of the right type of body hair. But there are still underserved individuals who genetically lack thickly growing hair follicles on the beard and body donor regions.

These patients don’t have to give up hope of improved density due to the lack of body hair. To help this group, Trichopigmentation can still compliment a transplant surgery using available head and body hair.

Another population that particularly benefits from Trichopigmentation is people of Afro Caribbean descent who naturally have less color contrast between the skin and hair color. Therefore the proper use of scalp pigment in these individuals translates to more credible looking results.

With the combined use of effective scalp pigmentation methods and hair transplantation, Dr. Umar offers yet another promising option for the donor depleted to achieve the youthful look of a fuller head of hair.