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Dr Bared Co-Authors Hair Transplant Surgery Textbook

Miami Plastic Surgeon Dr Anthony Bared Co-Authors Hair Transplant Surgery Textbook

Dr Anthony Bared, a highly-respected Miami board-certified plastic surgeon and hair restoration specialist, has been published in the Hair Transplant Surgery and Platelet Rich Plasma textbook by editor Linda N. Nee.

The new handbook is suited for beginners to advanced surgeons in the rapidly-emerging field of hair transplantation.

Editor Linda N. Nee selected experts in facial plastic surgery and dermatology to write chapters in the text. Dr Anthony Bared, MD, wrote Chapter 10, Techniques in Beard and Eyebrow Restoration. The book begins with the basics and leads to advanced surgical tips with cutting-edge information.

Dr Lee, Dr Bared, and the other co-authors offer surgical tips needed by clinicians and surgeons to achieve natural-looking results.

Dr Bared specializes in beard restoration, which is an emerging trend in cosmetic surgery.

Patients visit Dr Bared in Miami, FL, to seek beard transplants for various reasons, including a desire for thicker facial hair due to genetic factors, to reverse laser hair removal, or to conceal facial burns, scarring, or cleft lip repair. Female to male transgender patients may also request information on facial hair restoration for a more masculine appearance.

Dr Bared customizes each transplant to match the patient’s desired shape and density. Men seeking facial hair transplantation typically have a specific idea of how they want their beard to appear, and Dr Bared asks them to be actively involved in the design process. Male patients may require a secondary procedure depending on the size and density of the desired beard.

At his Miami practice, Dr Bared also offers his advanced skills in eyebrow restoration, a popular treatment requested by men and women to perfect the eyebrow’s shape, density, and the hair’s natural direction and angle.

Eyebrow restoration is beneficial to women experiencing thinning eyebrows caused by genetics, over-plucking, or ageing. Some forms of alopecia, such as alopecia totalis (complete absence of the eyebrow), may affect eyebrow restoration candidacy. Men often lose the lateral aspect of the eyebrow due to ageing and desire thicker eyebrows for cosmetic reasons.

Men and women can bring photos of eyebrows and use eyeliner to fill in the brow for Dr Bared to see the look they want to achieve. The patient is actively involved in the design of their eyebrows.

Facial hair transplant specialist Dr Bared is double board-certified by the American Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology.

Advanced follicular unit extraction (FUE) techniques allow patients to avoid linear scars if they wear short haircuts. Dr Bared gives his patients flexibility and fantastic results using the FUE technique. He has performed over 1000 facial hair restoration procedures at his Miami practice.

If you are interested in a beard or eyebrow restoration request a consultation with Dr Anthony Bared, MD, FACS in Miami, Florida, or visit Facial Plastic Surgery Miami.

Miami Plastic Surgeon Dr Anthony Bared Co-Authors Hair Transplant Surgery Textbook


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