DHI Launch New Educational Website

DHI Launch New Educational Website

DHI Launch New Educational Website and Open Melbourne Office

Hair loss is a process that very few men or women speak about publicly.

Hair loss with age is a normal process with 80% of men at the age of 55 having some form of thinning.

DHI Australia understands the importance of information and resources for a condition that many people are not comfortable speaking about.

For this reason DHI have launched of a new educational website. DHI Australia are fully prepared to answer any and all questions about hair transplants and hair loss in the community and the associated effects this has on an individual.

The new DHI Australia educational website features blog posts and educational videos about all things hair restoration. These resources cover every step of the hair transplant process, as well as answer questions that people may have as they start to lose hair through the thinning or balding process.

Blogs cover topics like “What Type of Hair Loss Do I Have?” and “How to Break the Balding Process Before You Go Bald.” These posts are informative and full of brand new information that their website had not yet contained. Videos will cover similar topics with fresh, easy-to-follow content to keep patients as knowledgeable as possible.

While the DHI Australia website contains a wealth of knowledge, their clinics contain the true experts. Since their founding in 1970, DHI has gained over 47 years of experience and 63 clinics worldwide and has the skill and capability to handle all kinds of hair restoration and scalp disorder cases.

DHI is set apart from their competition by taking psychological, mathematical, artistic and medical aspects into treatment plans to ensure all patients are given the best options for their situation.

The DHI system gets better every day, and the DHI system expands every day. The newest expansion includes a brand new clinic in Melbourne, Australia. DHI have set the goal of being the least invasive, most gentle hair transplant in Melbourne.

The clinic is located at Suite R11, Ground 717 Bourke Street Docklands, VIC 3008 and specialises in hair restoration for the city of Melbourne and state of Victoria.

Whether a person is in need of more information about hair restoration or is looking to take the final step into treatment, DHI Australia is here for them.

If hair loss is a concern for you or a family member/friend they can be directed to the DHI website for educational materials on hair restoration, or book an appointment today with the brand new Melbourne clinic to begin the process.

No matter what a person’s situation may be, the first step can be taken with DHI Australia.