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DesignX Hair Creations Founder Ark Sardarov Stresses Hair Loss is Not the Sole Domain of Men

design x hair loss

DesignX Hair Creations Founder Ark Sardarov Stresses Hair Loss is Not the Sole Domain of Men

According to the article, the high percentage of women losing their hair is due to a complex set of factors which can be genetic, environmental and health-related in nature, but there is an indication that the genetic factor is foremost among them.

The article further states that there are currently 30 million women in the United States who are suffering from hereditary hair loss.

“Hair loss is traditionally thought of as a problem that only men have to face, but this is simply not the case,” said Ark, founder of DesignX Hair Creations, a hair-loss-solutions provider.

“More and more women these days are experiencing hair loss, but because of the social stigma or because they feel like they have no options, they are waiting too long to do anything about it, or not doing anything at all.”

Hair loss for women usually occurs in their 50s and 60s. For many women, thinning or shaving their heads is not a realistic solution, so they quite frequently turn to wigs or weaves to remedy the problem.

Ark, half of whose clientele is female, assures women who are losing their hair that there are other hair-loss solutions, quite a few, in fact.

“For more than 25 years we have offered numerous viable solutions for women experiencing hair loss, and we understand the finer nuances of women’s hair loss,” said Ark.

“DesignX has developed proven treatments, products and hair-replacement services to specifically address a woman’s unique hair-care needs, including non-surgical hair replacement and a FDA-approved hair-loss-prevention and growth-therapy program.”

About DesignX Hair Creations, Inc.

DesignX was founded by Ark Sardarov, a former corporate banker, and Ruth Ramirez, a licensed cosmetologist. As a DesignX client himself, Ark is empathetic and compassionate to his clients, with whom he sets out to build long-term relationships.

Together, the DesignX team has abundant experience in hair loss, of both men and women, providing hair-loss solutions, hair products and salon services. For more information or a consultation, please call (818) 351-7799, or visit the salon at 1011 W. Olive Ave., Suite B, Burbank, CA 91506.

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