Curry leaves or kadi patta for hair loss

hair-loss-curry-leavesHair loss is probably one of the most common worries most people have. And bad food habits, pollution and improper combing techniques only aggravate the problem.

If have had enough of all those medicines and tricks that don’t work, here is an all natural remedy for you – kadi patta or curry leaves.

How curry leaves help you

Curry leaves are rich in anti-oxidants and amino acids. Amino acids are very essential to prevent hair fall and stops thinning of the hair by strengthening your hair follicles. The anti-oxidants fight the damage of free radicals, moisturise your scalp and helps in removing dead scalp flakes, which are the primary cause of dandruff. Apart from that curry leaves are also a rich source of beta-carotene and proteins. Beta carotene prevents hair loss while proteins stop hair thinning.

How to use it:

Hair loss pack:

Take enough curry leaves (depending on the length and thickness of your hair) and separate them from their stem. Now put them in a grinder and mash them into a fine paste. You can add soaked methi seeds with its water to the paste as well. Now apply this paste to your scalp and leave in for 2 hours. Wear a shower cap to prevent the paste from drying too quickly. Wash off the paste with warm water.

Tip: Your hair may feel a little sticky due to the natural constituents of the leaves. This is normal and once your hair dries you will be able to comb through. If you are too impatient or uncomfortable, use a mild shampoo to help reduce the stickiness.

Allow your hair to dry naturally and comb out the extra particles of curry leaves. Apply this pack once a week for soft, shiny, healthy and naturally voluminous hair.

Oil to prevent hair fall and greying:

Take some curry leaves, kala jeera (black cumin), add some methi seeds. If you have dandruff add some neem leaves as well. Crush all these ingredients into a fine paste. Now add this paste to about 100 ml of coconut oil. Store this oil in a glass jar and use regularly. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo eight hours after application. This oil is great to prevent hair fall, helps in beating greying of hair and restores its shine and luster.