Cost of a Bay Area Hair Transplant

Cost of a Hair Transplant

Silicon Valley Hair Institute Announces New Post on Brilliant Answers for the Cost of a Hair Transplant in the Bay Area

Silicon Valley Hair Institute, a best-in-class hair transplant clinic in the Bay Area, is proud to announce a new post on costs and ease of access. The location of a top-rated hair transplant clinic could help make a difference in the price of hair loss surgery.

“Commercial property in San Francisco can be the most expensive in the United States. Many clinics pay exorbitant rents by passing the cost on to their patients. That’s why we chose to establish ourselves in the city of Foster City just down the freeway,” explained Dr. Miguel Canales, founder of Silicon Valley Hair Institute and a leading San Francisco Bay Area hair loss specialist. “We share our lower costs with patients by keeping hair loss treatment costs as affordable as possible.”

Bay Area residents can review the post at

Individuals ready to address hair loss around the San Francisco area might find affordable answers in Foster City, California. Residents can review services, including robotic hair transplant, micro pigmentation, and women’s hair loss treatments. A spike in views at the “evergreen” blog page on the topic, for example, might indicate rising interest in the opportunity of online hair loss consultations.

Skin and hair problems may go hand-in-hand. Bay Area residents can find the sister page focused on skin issues at


Silicon Valley Hair Institute under the leadership of top-rated California hair transplant surgeon Dr. Miguel Canales – is one of the best robotic hair transplant clinics in the San Francisco Bay Area. Dr. Canales provides both the FUT (FUT  and FUE hair transplant procedures.

Dr. Canales is a top-rated hair transplant specialist for Bay Area residents. The Silicon Valley Hair Institute is a specialized hair clinic serving hair loss and hair restoration needs in San Francisco, San Jose, and the Silicon Valley Peninsula (Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Los Altos, Menlo-Atherton, Redwood City, and beyond.).

Dr. Canales also specializes in aesthetic hair restoration for females seeking eyebrow transplantation or hairline advancements.

Silicon Valley Hair Institute Announces New Post on Brilliant Answers for the Cost of a Hair Transplant in the Bay Area


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