ClinicBe London Introduces Pain-Free Mesotherapy and PRP

PRP hair lossDr Barbara Kubicka has announced the launch of a new system offering patients pain-free injections for mesotherapy or PRP (platelet rich plasma therapy) skin treatments at ClinicBe® in the Belgravia/Knightsbridge area of London.

ClinicBe® has invested in the very latest equipment to offer patients a genuinely pain-free injecting experience for non-surgical skin treatments requiring multiple injections.

The innovative pain-free mesotherapy and PRP injection system is at the forefront of skin treatment technology, using a scientifically and clinically proven device which makes the injecting experience entirely comfortable throughout for skin treatment patients, providing reassurance for those embarking on treatment for the first time.

Dr Barbara Kubicka MD explains:

“This is an advanced solution which answers a fundamental concern among patients who are new to professional skin treatments; which is very simply, ‘will it hurt’?”

“We have tested the system in our clinic and the resounding verdict from our patients concurs that the experience is indeed pain-free.”

The pain-free injection process is ideal for skin treatments such as mesotherapy and PRP which involve a series of tiny injections. Mesotherapy is one of the most popular treatments at ClinicBe®.

Multiple tiny injections are delivered into the ‘meso’ or middle layer of the skin to add nutrients or hydration; while PRP utilises a similar process with a highly purified sample of the patients own blood plasma which is injected back into the skin to release powerful healing and rejuvenating agents to revitalise and rejuvenate the skin.

Mesotherapy and PRP offer excellent results, but the prospect of potentially hundreds of injections can be a concern for some patients, especially where treatment concerns a sensitive area such as the face or scalp.

Dr Kubicka goes on to explain:

“Both mesotherapy and PRP rely upon a number of very small injections into the skin, a concept which is very effective, but which can be off-putting to patients who are concerned about the sensation of skin injections using traditional needles and syringes.”

“We have always worked hard to minimise discomfort in our clinic, using ice and topical anaesthetic as required. However, this new solution does away with such pre-treatment requirements. It is genuinely pain-free, which is invaluable in these multi-injection treatments.”

“Patients have reported that it is even comfortable when used on the scalp, such as in our Triple Synergy Hair System treatment for those patients that are experiencing hair loss.”

While the pain-free concept is clearly compelling, the system offers a number of additional benefits beyond the immediate comfort of the patient.

Dr Barbara Kubicka reports that it is extraordinarily precise in use, ensuring fine control over where the injections are placed. The pain-free injector device can create hundreds of tiny injections in a small amount of time, yet the frequency is adjustable to suit the individual treatment area. Equally, the depth of injection can be adjusted dependent on the area of the face or body being treated.

Pain-free mesotherapy and PRP are the latest in a long line of innovative introductions by Dr Kubicka, who has also invested in I-Lipo and IPL at her skin clinic, which she then utilises within her own exclusive combination treatments for enhanced results.

ClinicBe® offers a unique approach to integrated skin and healthcare at their exclusive clinic. The team of health and skin experts offer a comprehensive range of skincare treatments which work alongside bespoke nutrition and lifestyle advice to help clients get the best possible results.

ClinicBe® is conveniently situated on the border of Belgravia/Knightsbridge and is popular with patients living or working in the West London area, including Chelsea, Kensington and Mayfair although patients also travel from across the UK and even overseas to visit Dr Kubicka.

Dr Barbara Kubicka MD, CIME/ICAM, MBCAM leads the clinic as a fully qualified doctor, registered with the GMC and with additional qualifications in aesthetic treatments from the world-renowned College de International de Medicine Esthetique in Paris.