Cellmid moves closer to evolis anti-hair loss patent in China

Cellmid moves closer to evolis anti-hair loss patent in China

Cellmid Limited has announced its évolis® Chinese patent will soon be granted with the Chinese Patent Office issuing a notice of intention to grant the application protecting the technology.

The Chinese patent provides protection in the territory for hair therapy formulations comprising a class of small molecules called monoterpenoids, originally derived from botanical extracts.

The patent covers the fibroblast growth factor 5 (FGF5) technology and several ingredients adding value to the company’s asset portfolio and expires in December 2034.
Chinese distribution strategy

Granting of this patent is an important commercial milestone for the company’s Chinese product strategy for establishing and protecting évolis in China.

The company is expanding distribution into China following its cross-border e-commerce partnership with Aeon international, the Australian subsidiary of Chinese e-commerce company Habesul, which has over 30 years’ experience in international trade and distribution.

The permit will also add to Cellmid’s agreement with pharmaceutical company Fukangren to register the products with the state food and drug administration and sell the products in Chinese pharmacies and clinics.
The FGF5 technology

The method covered by this patent involves administering a topical formulation containing a monoterpenoid to inhibit the hair growth cycle regulatory protein FGF5.

Cellmid’s wholly owned subsidiary Advangen completed rigorous testing in 2017 which showed that several monoterpenoid compounds were potent inhibitors of FGF5, enabling hair follicles to maintain growth in the anagen phase.

Topical application of formulations containing key botanical extracts and FGF5- inhibiting monoterpenoids is central to Advangen’s évolis products against hair loss.

The monoterpenoids-alopecia patents are held by Advangen Limited and protect the formulation of and distinguish the évolis therapeutic and anti-aging hair care ranges from any other product on the market.

Cellmid moves closer to evolis anti-hair loss patent in China


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