Cellmid in evolis hair loss pitch to Australian women

Cellmid in évolis hair loss pitch to Australian women

Cellmid is launching a national advertising and media campaign to contribute to brand development and increase sales of its évolis® branded FGF5 inhibitor hair growth products in Australia.

The 12 month campaign, which launches on 30th August 2015, is the third component of its three pillar strategy to maximise market penetration of its products.

It will primarily target women suffering from hair loss or hair thinning and it is expected to build brand recognition and sales through pharmacy retail and online.

The other two components are expanding pharmacy distribution and hiring contract sales teams.

Cellmid’s campaign will include free-to-air and subscription channels. It will run over several months using a combination of 30 second and 15 second ads across the board.

Sydney-based Ikon Group is providing creative brand development and positioning services as well as implementing a comprehensive media strategy for the company’s hair products.

Emma Chen, general manager of Cellmid’s consumer health business, commented:

“This is a very exciting, major media campaign for our FGF5 inhibitor hair loss products.

“We are especially delighted to be the first ones to bring an innovative solution to women with hair thinning or hair loss concerns through this campaign.”

Advertising Campaign

The campaign will include television, digital and social channels as well as engagement with key influencers, bloggers and opinion leaders.

It is expected to last twelve months and will also serve as test marketing for Cellmid’s global brand development plans.

This will include free-to-air and subscription channels using a combination of 30 second and 15 second ads across the board. Programs targeted will be those focused on lifestyle, reality and drama.

Australian Sales

In May 2015, the company increased its product offerings from two to six stock keeping units and commenced the broadening of its pharmacy distribution.

This resulted in an increase in sales in 4Q FY2105 to $960,000 bringing full-year sales up to $1.84 million for its FGF5 inhibitor hair growth products.

This is up 63% on the last financial year.

It also lays the foundation for FY2016 sales to significantly exceed the previous year.


The launch of Cellmid’s media and advertising campaign targeting women is part of the company’s plans to further increase sales of its évolis® branded FGF5 inhibitor hair growth products in Australia.

This could address a sizeable market given that around 30% of women over 35 experience significant hair loss either transiently or permanently.

Adding to that, independent market research conducted Australia wide on just over 1000 women revealed that 38% of women above 34 are concerned their hair is thinning with 47% having not sought help as they didn’t think anyone could offer any solution.

Other research has also indicated that 40% of women experience visible hair loss by the age of 40.

Sales have already been on a growth path with 4Q results of $960,000 making up about half of FY2105 sales.

Adding to this, the company has yet to ship products to 70% of its planned pharmacy distribution while its GP sales force only started in May 2015.

In July, it raised $4 million through an oversubscribed placement of shares priced at $0.03 to leverage increasing sales and further expand its growth in Australia and internationally.

The company had $1.58 million in cash as at 30th June 2015.


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