Capillus82 Laser Therapy Cap

Capillus82 Laser Therapy Cap Receives FDA Clearance for Treatment of Hair Loss

Capillus82™ Laser Therapy Cap Receives FDA Clearance for Treatment of Hair Loss

The Capillus82™ has been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of androgenic alopecia in adults, announces Miami-based medical device manufacturer, Capillus, LLC.

FDA clearance substantiates the effectiveness of the brand new laser therapy cap, while also demonstrating its safety when used at home to combat hair loss.

“Following the success of our premier FDA cleared laser therapy cap for hair regrowth,” says Carlos Piña, Capillus CEO, “we are excited to introduce the Capillus82, an extremely affordable, convenient, and proven product to those suffering with hair loss.”

Over 50 million adults suffer with hair loss in the United States alone. Many adults—especially women—are not candidates for surgical hair restoration.

Low level laser therapy (LLLT) products have become a popular alternative, offering a safe, non-surgical treatment option that has been proven to increase hair counts by 51% or more.

When it comes to ease of use, no other hair loss product can compare to the hands-free design of the Capillus82.

Whereas combs must be repetitively brushed through the hair during use, Capillus82 is simply worn beneath a hat or baseball cap for hands-free treatment.

And while the brushing aspect of laser combs often causes frustration that leads patients to abandon treatment, the wearable design of the Capillus82 has a high degree of convenience that ensures consistent use.

The design of the Capillus82 offers more than just convenience, however. After inserted beneath an ordinary hat, the Capillus82 is nearly undetectable, eliminating the “shame factor” associated with hair loss treatment.

While other laser therapy domes are big, bulky, and painfully obvious, the battery-operated Capillus82 can be worn with confidence around the house, in public, and on-the-go.

Capillus Gives You More: At just $799, Capillus82 is comparable in price to other devices, yet delivers more lasers for faster, more effective hair loss treatment.

With such a modest price, patients maintain the freedom and flexibility to continue other treatments along with Capillus82, like Rogaine® and prescription medications.

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