Capillus Laser Cap

Capillus Laser Cap

Capillus® Laser Caps Are First to Receive FDA Clearance for Male and Female Hair Loss Treatment

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has now cleared Capillus® laser caps for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia in both men and women.

To date, the company is the first and only manufacturer of low level laser therapy (LLLT) at-home laser caps with FDA clearance for any adult who suffers with androgenetic alopecia.

“This new level of clearance substantiates what many physicians have experienced firsthand in hundreds of treatment cases worldwide,” explains Carlos Piña, Capillus CEO. “When it comes to preventing the progression of hair loss, Capillus laser therapy caps offer the very same safety and efficacy to men as they do to women.”

Capillus, LLC manufactures all LLLT products domestically from company headquarters in Miami, Florida. All aspects of assembly, product testing, and quality control are overseen by Ms. Patricia Schnoor, head of quality assurance and governmental affairs at Capillus. Products include laser devices for in-office clinical use, as well as at-home mobile use.

For hair loss professionals, Capillus offers the Capillus272™ OfficePro for clinical use in the office.

A stationary device, the OfficePro helps physicians introduce patients to laser therapy through a series of physician guided treatments.

OfficePro stimulates blood flow and oxygen delivery across the entire scalp, making it a popular treatment for men and women preparing to have hair transplant surgery.

Physicians recommend OfficePro not only to improve donor hair thickness before surgery, but also to enhance healing and overall patient outcomes after surgery.

Surgeons, dermatologists, and clinics are invited to learn more about Capillus272™ OfficePro online.

Capillus is best known as a leading manufacturer of 3 mobile laser caps for personal use: Capillus272™ Pro, Capillus202™, and Capillus82™.

Each laser cap allows patients to enjoy the proven benefits of laser hair restoration on their own schedule, without having to visit a physician’s office.

All are designed to be worn on the inside of an ordinary baseball cap or head covering, eliminating the “shame factor” typically associated with hair loss treatment.

And while competitor caps are big, bulky, and painfully obvious, Capillus laser caps can be worn with confidence around the house, in public, or on-the-go.

Men and women are invited to learn more by visiting the Capillus laser cap online store.