Breakthrough Women's Hair Loss Solution to Seasonal Hair Shedding

Breakthrough Women’s Hair Loss Solution to Seasonal Hair Shedding

Breakthrough Women’s Hair Loss Solution to Seasonal Hair Shedding

INTACT™ Root Securing Complex Helps Reduce Hair Shedding When Hair is MOST Vulnerable

Every year women complain about an increase in hair shedding during the fall season, experiencing excessive hair fall when they wash, brush and style.  To date, there has been a void in effective beauty solutions available to help curb this heightened hair shedding.

The patent-pending science behind INTACT Root Securing Complex by Daniel Alain Life Science offers a completely different approach by increasing the force it takes to pull out hair during mechanical stress from routine beauty practices at home and in the salon.

“There are many theories offered as to why hair sheds more during the fall months, but until now, no true remedies available to actually help reduce this type of hair loss,” explains Sabrina Little, INTACT’s Senior Marketing Director.  “INTACT protects hair at the exact moment it is most susceptible to tugging, pulling and falling out, and what’s even more exciting, women don’t have to wait weeks for results.  INTACT works after the first use, offering immediate peace of mind from the stress of seasonal hair fall.”

The Science of INTACT

INTACT Root Securing Complex was developed over a span of five years by a team of scientists and dermatologists specializing in women’s hair thinning and hair loss.  The unique, patent-pending formula temporarily reinforces the hair matrix using a proprietary technology called PiliLock Complex™.  It can be used at home or during salon services to help defend hair from mechanical stress.

INTACT is intended for use prior to washing, drying, and styling hair or as a salon treatment prior to color, cut, keratin straightening treatments or hair extension installation and removal.  INTACT is applied to a dry scalp, massaged in and left to activate for at least ten minutes and the results last for hours. The formula is paraben, phthalate and gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and not tested on animals.  INTACT has been safety-tested and is dermatologist-tested and approved.

Keep your hair on your head, not in the brush™ with INTACT.

Visit to learn more about this effective solution to hair shedding and be one of the first to experience the only beauty product proven to help reduce hair fall during salon services and at-home washing and styling.

Breakthrough Women’s Hair Loss Solution to Seasonal Hair Shedding