Boston Surgeon Dr Leonard Recommends Capillus Laser Cap for Hair Loss

Hair transplant surgeon of the stars, Dr. Robert Leonard, recommends the Capillus272™ laser cap for patients in search of a discreet, portable, and effective method of non-surgical hair restoration. Capillus272 is available through authorized physicians only, like Boston-based Leonard Hair Transplant Associates.

“The Capillus272 is the most powerful unit for home use anywhere in the country,” explains Dr. Leonard. “This bio stimulating laser has 272 laser diodes which impact hair follicles in a very positive way.”

Earlier this year, the Capillus272Pro™ received FDA clearance for the promotion of hair regrowth in adults with androgenic alopecia (AGA).

Clearance substantiates both safety and efficacy of the Capillus272, two of the most important things to consider when comparing various hair loss treatment options.

“I am very excited that the Capillus272 laser product has been cleared by the FDA for both efficacy and safety in the treatment of hair loss for both men and women,” explains Dr. Leonard. “Ninety percent of my patients stabilize further progression, and 50% regrow hair after one year of using Capillus272.”

Capillus laser cap for hair loss

“Any man or woman with early or advanced pattern hair loss is a candidate for this effective non-invasive treatment,” says Dr. Leonard. “Capillus272 stabilizes progression of thinning hair extraordinarily well and can actually re-grow hair.”

Dr. Leonard is known for providing patients with the newest, safest, and most effective surgical and non-surgical hair loss treatments.

Wes Welker, Rob Ninkovich, and Chris Gronkowski are just a few of the celebrities and professional athletes who openly praise Dr. Leonard for his skills and expertise in hair restoration—a topic that still remains taboo amongst most men.

Leonard Hair Transplant Associates has a twofold mission. First, to provide the highest quality medical and surgical care. In addition to restoring hairlines with unparalleled medical service, the practice places equal importance on restoring patients’ confidence. Capillus272 helps the practice uphold those commitments to patients, delivering a highly personalized level of non-surgical hair restoration that is discrete, portable, and highly effective.

Capillus272 is available through authorized physicians only. Boston residents are invited to contact Leonard Hair Transplant Associates to learn more about the safe, proven, and effective hair loss treatment.