Biologics hair loss

BiologicsMD Announces Additional US Patent Covering Hair Loss

BiologicsMD, Inc., a privately held drug discovery company developing targeted biologics and biologic-device combination products for the treatment of bone disorders and conditions of hair loss, announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued U.S. Patent No. 9,062,300 entitled “Fusion Proteins of Collagen Binding-Domain and Parathyroid Hormone”.

The issued patent claims methods of use for promoting bone growth for the company’s development pipeline of BMD-1231 (spinal fusion), BMD-1221 (fracture repair) and BMD-1111 (osteoporosis); as well as claims for BMD-2341 in the promotion of hair growth or prevention of hair loss in conditions such as alopecia.

BiologicsMD is developing a portfolio of unique protein therapeutics and drug/device combination products that selectively target the PTH/PTHrP receptor thereby potentiating therapeutic effects, while significantly minimizing off-target effects that can accompany less targeted treatment options.

The company’s lead program, BMD-1231 for promoting bone growth in patients undergoing spinal fusion surgery for degenerative disk disease, is being developed as adjunct treatment to provide patients with controlled and sustainable bone formation without the significant inflammatory effects of current treatments.

“BiologicsMD is pleased to add this additional methods patent to our growing patent estate, and we look forward to pending patent applications being issued worldwide,” stated J. David Owens, Chief Executive Officer of BiologicsMD. “Our goal is continued pre-clinical and clinical development of our portfolio of highly targeted and selective agonists and antagonists to the PTH/PTHrP receptor pathway and towards a highly differentiated set of new products to help treat human disease.”

BiologicsMD, Inc. is an early stage therapeutics company that focuses on novel technologies to actively build or restore bone and reverse conditions of hair loss.

The company has an exclusive license from the Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas (U.S.), the Ochsner Clinic Foundation (U.S.) and the National University Corporation Kagawa University (Japan) to develop new biologics that involve the molecular fusion of parathyroid hormone (PTH) with a collagenase Collagen Binding Domain (CBD).

Importantly, the CBD selectively binds to type I collagen, thus delivering PTH directly to the bone or the hair follicle, where it can be most effective in building new bone or stimulating hair growth.

This CBD-derived targeting also provides for a long-acting therapeutic, thereby enabling single or infrequent dosing for chronic disorders. BiologicsMD™ is a VIC Technology Venture Development™ portfolio company.