Beverly Hills Hair Group Makes Cutting Edge Technology a Priority

Beverly Hills Hair Group Makes Cutting Edge Technology a Priority

The Beverly Hills Hair Group, located on Roxbury Drive in Beverly Hills, is a treatment center for hair restoration, dealing with hair loss, baldness, and loss of brow or facial hair.

Using the most advanced and up to date methods, the Beverly Hills Hair group provides its clientele with the best possible service.

For hair transplants, surgeon Dr. Ben Talei uses the Neograft machine, which is the only FDA approved technology on the market.

“This machine enables us to extract the follicles individually from your donor area, in the back and side of your scalp where the density and quality is the best, and to then manually implant these ones in the desired areas.

This leaves no scar, looks natural and is painless!” said Fabien Beretta, Executive Director of the Beverly Hills Hair Group. “We are awaiting the latest machine by Neograft which surpasses the current model enabling us to go through a hair restoration procedure more efficiently and effectively.”

They also offer forehead reduction surgery, which can help reduce the effects of a more prominent forehead due to health issues, medications, or anything else.

“For the most part, forehead reduction surgery involves moving the hairline forward with a hair transplant.

This adds up to two inches to the hairline, which is of great benefit to women who have experienced both thinning hair and a receding hairline. While this procedure is most common among women, it can benefit men if they do not have male pattern baldness beginning at the crown, and if their hair loss has remained stable for at least one year,” said Beretta.

They also offer hairline lowering, which essentially lowers the forehead by up to two inches in order to either provide a more natural hairline or restore temple recession. Additionally, the practice has began Platelet Rich Plasma treatments, which stimulates hair follicles.

“PRP has shown promising results in stimulating hair follicles and our patients rave about it. It’s also great for patients to undergo a PRP treatment prior to a hair transplant if their donor area is lacking in density or quality,” said Beretta.

Recently, in order to accommodate growth at the Beverly Hills Hair Group and Dr. Ben Talei’s growing facial plastic surgery business, they have expanded into the Roxsan Building, which is a  3,500 square foot space which includes a cosmetic side and an operative surgical side, as well as a 2,500 square foot patio, providing customers with a large and relaxing waiting area.

“We had this space designed for multi-purpose use so that we could use it as an office, surgery center, and to host charity events in order to raise money for the causes we support,” said Beretta.

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