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Bald men perceived less handsome

Bald men perceived less handsome, says study

A research conducted by Harley Street hair-loss clinic DHI London says that attitudes towards male pattern baldness has not changed an it still affects 85 per cent men by the age of fifty.

The survey found that the vast majority of respondents said that subjects, which included Trump, Prince Harry, Harry Styles, Brad Pitt looked much better with a head full of hair.

According to DHI, hair remains a key indicator of fertility, strength and virility in the primitive parts of our brains.

The study saw men and women being shown altered images of famed personalities with and without their manes. More than 80 per cent agreed that all subjects looked much better with a head full of hair.

More than four fifths of female respondents (82 per cent) said the bald versions of the famous men appeared instantly ‘less’ or ‘much less’ attractive on first view.

Not only that respondents also felt that the pictures where subjects were altered to look bald also made them look less powerful.