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Bald Men in Toronto Now Have a Reason to Feel Sexier


Bald Men in Toronto Now Have a Reason to Feel Sexier, Thanks to a New Breakthrough Process known as Scalp Micropigmentation

A unique and innovative solution to tackle male pattern baldness may just prove the inspiration for men in Toronto to start feeling sexy again.

HeadPower Hair Clinic’s clever scalp micropigmentation (SMP) solution involves replicating the appearance of a real hair follicle thousands of times over, making the individual appear to have a neat all-over buzz cut.

Results from this non-invasive procedure are achieved using a micro needle which is similar in size and shape to a hair follicle. This in turn allows organic, non-toxic pigmentation to be precisely embedded into the epidermal layers of the skin.

“HeadPower is the result of extensive research and development, complemented by the personalized service – and the beautiful results – that define our approach to SMP.

We create a natural look, one that is indistinguishable from the stubble of an actual hair follicle, which is an art just as much as it is a science,” says Steve Greer, Director of Media Relations for HeadPower.

“Male pattern baldness it seems is just as unacceptable to many men today as it has ever been – which shows that toupees, wigs and hair transplantation just aren’t hitting the mark. “The beauty of scalp micropigmentation is that it’s far more natural and a lot less expensive than many of the traditional solutions to male pattern baldness.

Not only that but the procedure is safe, there is no scarring and there’s a more or less immediate result. It’s also guaranteed to last around 10 years.”

Clinic technicians estimate that around 2500 micro pigmentation insertions are needed per square inch of scalp in order to replicate a headful of ‘stubble’ on the average male scalp.

Meanwhile, statistics show around one third of men will be bald by the age of 30 and more than half by age 50.

The hair loss is caused by a substance known as DHT which comes from the testosterone hormone found in the male adrenal gland, hair follicles, prostate gland and testes. It binds to the hair follicle and permanently destroys it.

The SMP procedure looks natural because it seamlessly blends the individual’s skin tone, skin colour and hair line. As a result it can be used for most skin types and colours, including Caucasian, Latino, African-Canadian, Asian and mixed races.

SMP differs from permanent make-up in that the latter uses iron-oxide based pigmentation.

Celebrities who are believed to have embarked on the painless procedure include actor Bruce Willis and former Manchester United footballer Quinton Fortune.

Women have also used the technique to disguise thinning roots.

Headpower’s Toronto clinic is currently offering no-obligation consultations.

This concierge-like center, where clients suffering from male pattern baldness or patients with severe hair loss because of a chronic health condition receive customized care, is an intimate and comfortable environment.

More information on the advantages and technique behind scalp micropigmentation can be found on the Headpower Hair Clinic’s website http://www.headpower.ca.