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Asia Pacific Alopecia Treatment Market 2016

Asia Pacific Alopecia Treatment Market 2016- Johnson & Johnson, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Merck & Co, Cipla Ltd

Market Overview:

APAC Alopecia Treatment Market Analysis and Forecast, 2016–2024 –

1. The alopecia treatment market is expected to exhibit a stable CAGR owing to technological advancements in non-surgical procedures.

2. 1.8 X Increase in the APAC Revenue, (2014–2024).

3. The Asia Pacific Alopecia treatment market is expected to witness healthy growth during the forecast period owing to changing lifestyle patterns along with increase in stress levels among working class population, and rising demand for combination hair loss treatment therapies.

Focus on developing multifunctional hair loss treatments is a key area manufacturers are focusing upon in order to improve the clinical efficacy of hair loss therapies.

Overall Market Approach

Manufacturers: Focus on simplicity in manufacturing – i.e. using tried and tested ingredients and innovation in marketing are attributes guiding the route-to- market approaches for topical product manufacturers.

Target Geographies

China represents the most lucrative market, followed by Japan and Australia and New Zealand.

Differentiating Strategy

Manufacturers are focusing on expanding their hair treatment and scalp treatment product lines in order to cater to growing demand of consumer- driven efficacy hair loss treatments.

Growing focus on combination therapies is expected to drive the market growth in Asians countries:

Trends –
Alopecia treatment market is expected to witness following prominent trends throughout the forecast period

Increasing focus on regenerative cell therapies for hair loss treatment.

Increasing penetration of hair transplant procedure among patients.

Combination therapies gaining prominence in Asia Pacific.

Increasing inclination towards oils as a preferred hair loss treatment regime.

Drivers –
Following are the main factors expected to drive growth of the alopecia treatment market over the forecast period.

Rising global demand for effective hair loss treatment medications.

Changing lifestyle along with increase in stress level among working class population.

Cosmeceutical drug manufacturers focusing on expanding their hair treatment and scalp treatment product line.

Cytokine therapy gaining momentum for alopecia treatment.


Following are the factors hampering the growth of alopecia treatment over the forecast period.

Limited efficacy of existing hair loss treatment drugs.

Side-effects of the main treatments could affect brand image deterring future revenue flows.

Lack of reimbursement facilities for hair loss treatments services, such as laser treatments.