Alvi Armani Brings Scalp Micropigmentation to the Table

Alvi Armani Scalp MicropigmentationAlvi Armani, known across the world for realistic hairlines and natural results since 1999, has recently launched its FDA approved scalp micro pigmentation services.

In the United States, and in major countries of the world, Alvi Armani hairlines are recognized as one of the best.

After attaining huge success in FUSS and FUE hair transplants, the organization is now pleased to offer balding patients its SMP services.

SMP, also known as scalp micropigmentation, is an age-old process for beautifying skin and hair. Alvi Armani uses it for natural scalp and eyebrow looks by using pigments that are organic vegetable based and allergy-tested.

Their techniques have been approved by FDA with a high safety profile.

Apart from safety, the looks they promise to provide are natural because the use of iron-oxide free pigments makes the results free from scalp discoloration unlike tattooing. Alvi Armani clinic will be using specialized micro pigments matching with the individual’s skin tone critical in simulating a natural look.

The combination of expert skills and matching pigments will benefit hair loss patients and will enhance their hair, brows, eyelashes and beard. Micropigmentation can also repair obsolete FUSS procedure when used along with PRP.

The process is relatively cheaper and offers maximum results with guaranteed safety.

Since Alvi Armani became a brand due to its hair transplantation techniques, Alvi Armani’s Scalp Micropigmentation procedure is brilliant for shaved-head look, rear and frontal hairlines and for restoration of density or permanent camouflaging of alopecia symptoms.

The process is acclaimed as a relatively pain-free experience for alopecia patients and will allow the individual to get back on his routine shortly after.

Usually final results are obtained after 2-3 sessions as multiple pigment shades are used to replicate a natural 3D appearance. Needle spacing is used to deposit pigments in the outer layer of skin based on the design of remaining natural hair.

About AlviArmani International Hair Restoration Centers

Alviarmani is the premier hair restoration clinic, founded by Dr. Antonio Armani and now under medical directorship of Baubac Hayatdavoudi MD. Their global consultation and surgical centers provide award winning hair transplants by the use of minimally invasive FUE harvesting technique and employment of Vitruvian designs in facial framing and hairline restorations.

Their state of the art facilities are equipped with the latest technologies and the most dedicated and trained staff to ensure the most optimal patient experience and results.