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Alan Bauman, MD, Adds SmartGraft To Treatment Portfolio

Alan Bauman, MD, Adds SmartGraft® To Treatment Portfolio, Producing Natural-Looking Hair Transplant Results From His Florida Practice

Dr. Bauman is one of only 200 physicians globally to achieve certification from the American and International Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS), be an accepted member of the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS) and also recommended by the American Hair Loss Association.

In addition, he has attained the coveted Fellow status within the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (FISHRS).

Hair is Dr. Bauman’s passion; he is an Advisory Board Member for the World Trichology Society and is also the author of numerous articles and textbook chapters on the science of hair care and hair transplantation, including eyelash transplant surgery.

He is a successful early-adopter and pioneer of some of the most advanced technologies in the effective treatment of hair loss including no-linear-scar FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction, which is why SmartGraft appealed to Dr. Bauman.

“As an FUE hair transplant pioneer who has used numerous manual, mechanical and robotic devices over more than 15 years and after extensive internal device testing and research, I can say with great confidence that SmartGraft is a dramatic improvement over previous manual mechanical FUE tools currently on the market,” states Dr. Bauman. “Innovations like the unique closed, climate-controlled internal graft storage and hydration system, programmable microprocessor control, and on-board LED lighting system on the handpiece are improving accuracy, efficiency and, most importantly, our patients’ results.”

He details that minimally invasive FUE harvesting of individual follicular units for transplantation with SmartGraft allows patients a faster, more comfortable, less restricted recovery phase compared to old-style linear “strip” harvesting.

Alan Bauman, MD, Adds SmartGraft To Treatment Portfolio

Since no wide-shave of the donor area is required, handheld FUE devices such as SmartGraft empower Dr. Bauman and his team to execute traditional transplants for male pattern hair loss, as well as specialty transplants like female hairline lowering, female pattern hair loss, female temple restoration, eyebrow transplantation, beard and body hair harvesting, as well as smaller “no shave” FUE procedures from the scalp for male and female hair loss patients. “With SmartGraft, all patients maintain the benefits of leaving behind absolutely NO telltale linear scar,” adds Dr. Bauman.

SmartGraft makes hair replacement a more accessible, effective and realistic option than ever before for both men and women with hair loss, delivering natural-looking outcomes with little downtime. When expertly performed, the treatment is quick, comfortable and permanent.

About Alan J. Bauman, MD, IAHRS, FISHRS, ABHRS:

Alan J. Bauman, M.D. is a full-time board-certified hair restoration physician who has treated over 17,000 patients and performed over 8,000 hair transplant procedures since starting his medical hair loss practice, Bauman Medical, in 1997.

Currently located in Boca Raton, Florida, Dr. Bauman received his M.D. degree from New York Medical College and surgical residency training at Mt. Sinai Medical Center and Beth Israel Medical Center in New York.

Dr. Bauman is one of approximately only 200 physicians worldwide to achieve the certification from the esteemed American and International Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS), is an accepted member of the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS), and is also recommended by the American Hair Loss Association.

Dr. Bauman has achieved the coveted Fellow status within the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and is a frequently invited faculty member at numerous international scientific meetings and live surgery workshops. Dr. Bauman was an early pioneer of no-linear-scar FUE Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant procedures, designing the first commercially available instrument specifically for FUE called the Bauman MINDEX. He has performed FUE procedures for over 15 years, transplanting nearly three million FUE grafts for his patients over that time.

This past year, Dr. Bauman was named both a “Top 5 Transformational CEO” and one of “10 CEOs Transforming Healthcare in America” in Forbes, as well as voted North America’s “#1 Top Hair Restoration Surgeon” by Aesthetic Everything. He is a Trustee member and recipient of the Small Business Leader of the Year Award from the Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Bauman has been featured in hundreds of national and international media stories. Personal appearances, interviews and profiles include the Today Show, The Early Show, Good Morning America, Extra, Access Hollywood, The Howard Stern Show, The Doctors, Spencer Kobren’s The Bald Truth, CNN, Dateline NBC and more. Newspaper and magazine articles and feature stories include The New York Times, Newsweek, Cosmo, Elle, Vogue, The CEO Forum, Allure, O – The Oprah Magazine and Men’s Health, among others.

In addition to teaching and lecturing internationally, Dr. Bauman sees patients personally and performs procedures at his state-of-the-art facility in Boca Raton, FL.

About FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction
FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is the least invasive hair transplant graft harvesting technique that leaves absolutely NO telltale linear scar in the donor area and with a more comfortable and less restricted recovery than traditional “Strip Harvest” techniques. Grafts as small as a single hair can be harvested from the Donor Area and when implanted with artistry and precision by an expert surgeon, create an undetectably natural restoration of living and growing hair.

About SmartGraft

Vision Medical, Inc. is a leading USA manufacturer that develops and markets medical and aesthetic technology products for the medical and aesthetic markets for worldwide distribution.

Vision Medical’s first commercial product, the SmartGraft® Hair Restoration System, uses minimally-invasive vacuum assisted FUE technology for men and women. SmartGraft keeps the newly harvested grafts chilled, hydrated & robust without any exposure to outside air for optimal graft preservation.

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