August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month

67 per cent of surveyed residents suffer from hair loss


67% of surveyed residents suffer from hair loss

The hair loss issue in the UAE is a growing social and psychological concern for many men and women who mostly blame stress (82 per cent), lack of vitamins (82 per cent) and poor water quality (79 per cent) for being the main reasons for their hair loss and thinning hair.

However, hair experts attending a conference to discuss the predominance of hair loss in the UAE population and its causes, said testosterone sensitivity in genetically predisposed individuals is believed to be the number one reason behind hair loss, and other factors then follow.

The survey conducted by YouGov, on behalf of Alpecin Ceffeine Shampoo, to which 1,136 men and women responded, revealed that 67 per cent of the sample claimed to be affected by hair loss and 56 per cent of the men in the survey suffering from hair loss were negatively impacted by it.

Dr Adolf Klenk, Head of Research and Development at Dr Kurt Wolff GmbH & Co in Germany, who discovered the benefits of caffeine in hair loss prevention after years of research, said hair loss is a global issue, but is certainly a serious issue in the UAE due to a combination of influences, including hereditary predisposition, stress and environmental influences.

“There’s a certain point where the scalps of genetically predisposed individuals become sensitive to testosterone. This is seen at the end of puberty among men when their testosterone rises and at the onset of menopause in women when their estrogen drops.

This specific cause for hair loss must be treated early before balding because a dead root cannot be revived,” said Dr Klenk.

The survey, which targeted residents above the age of 18, also found that hair loss is among the top two physical concerns for men, even higher than erectile dysfunction concern.

Thirty-five per cent of the surveyed men who suffer hair loss claimed to experience anxiety and depression as symptoms of this problem. Only 41 per cent of them mentioned testosterone as a reason for hair loss.

“Genetic predisposition is a lifelong problem that cannot be changed and requires a permanent treatment to prevent its damaging effects.

Looking at the family history can help in understanding why one’s hair is thinning.

The caffeine complex breakthrough formula has proven to contribute to the energy supply of the hair root and in stimulating hair growth despite the testosterone attack.”