Hair Loss Myths

Nothing can stop my hair loss 

Wrong, Propecia can help in a large number of cases and Regaine helps slow down the rate of hair loss.

Women do not suffer baldness

Myth – hair loss in women is very common and seems to be on the increase.

Standing on your head will increase the blood to the head and reduce hair loss

No, it will not

Wearing a hat causes hair loss

There is no research that shows wearing a hat contributes to hair loss

Baldness is linked to the levels of testosterone

Research suggests that men with high levels of testosterone are more likely to lose their hair, especially if baldness runs in their family genetics

Hair loss myths







Losing 100 hairs a day is normal

Although the exact number of hair shed varies from person to person, new studies have indicated that only about 20 to 50 strands are shed normally in a day

Removing a Grey Hair Makes More Grey Hairs Come In

There is nothing you can do to avoid grey hairs

There is No Cure for Hair Loss

This myth is completely not true. There are several methods that you can use to regrow your hair, however, most are not permanent solutions.

Hair grows faster when it is cut frequently

The rate or speed of hair growth is not determined by the frequency of trims

Thinning hair occurs in most people

Thinning hair affects over 78 percent of both men and women of all ages due to genetics, diet, stress, medication, health concerns and chemicals

Frequently wearing braids and ponytails results in hair loss

This myth is true for people who constantly wear braids or tight ponytails in their hair. The tension caused by these hairstyles often leads to hair breakage and hair loss

Facts about hair loss

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Hair loss comes from the mother’s side.

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Washing your head in cold water can cure baldness.