HairSoReal Hair Loss Concealer

HairSoReal Hair Loss Concealer


HairSoReal is a revolutionary solution for hair loss and thinning hair, giving a natural look.

Hair So Real can be applied everyday so you can use as your everyday routine.

HairSoReal can give you back self-confidence without it being as expensive as hair transplant treatments.

It is artificial hair fibers which appear to look like natural hair. HairSoReal has been tested by Doctors and is an alternative to any surgical procedures or hair loss treatments.

It is available in six different colours so is able to match any hair type. It is possible to mix colours to make the fibres match your hair colour.  Available colours are brown, light brown, black grey and blonde.


HairSoReal can be applied instantly and looks completely natural.

Can takes years off one’s appearance.

Helps to regain self-confidence.

HairSoReal is easy to use you literally just sprinkle it on.

Fibres are produced from keratin protein, giving the appearance of natural hair.

Suitable for application by both women and men.

HairSoReal will stay on the hair until it is washed out.

Made from natural fibres and free from harmful chemicals.

Perfectly blends with existing hair and looks like completely natural.

HairSoReal can also thicken areas of thinning hair.

How to use Hairsoreal

For the best results always wash and dry the hair before applying HairSoReal.

Carefully sprinkle the fibres over the thinning area.

Continue until the scalp is no longer visible.

Gently pat the fibres where sprinkled and allow it to settle on the scalp.

The fibres will instantly bind with the hair, giving the perfect cover-up.

HairSoReal Hair Loss Concealer