Top Five Age Defying Hair Cuts Presented by Beauty Research

keratin-shampoo In 2014, the anti-aging skin care industry grossed more than $2 billion in sales, and experts predict that revenues will only continue to rise as more women from the Baby Boomer and Gen X generations begin searching out products to help them look younger.

While the right skin care products can take years off of a woman’s face, many hairstyles actually detract from the results by giving women aged appearances.

The latest article by, Top Five Age Defying Hair Cuts, describes five haircuts that can help women appear more youthful.



Roughly 30 million women suffer from thinning hair, and the risk of developing hair loss increases as women age. Which haircuts are best for women experiencing age-related thinning who want their hair to appear fuller and thicker?

Why are they flattering? To which hair types are they best suited? One of the major ways that a haircut can help to promote a more youthful complexion is by hiding signs of aging. How can women make forehead lines and wrinkles more difficult to see?

Is there a haircut that can make crow’s feet and other age-related imperfections around the eyes less visible? Which haircut can improve the appearance of sagging skin along the jaw?

Many women believe that they have to cut their hair when they get to be a certain age, but this isn’t the case. What types of long to medium-long hairstyles can be age-defying?

Why are they flattering? For whom are they best?

Choosing the right haircut requires more than just finding a cut that is age-defying. Which youthful haircuts are the best for various hair textures?

Is there a youthful hairstyle that is very easy to maintain for women who are busy or who don’t have a desire to spend a long time in front of the mirror every day? Are there any youthful hairdos that can be worn both straight and curly.

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