Dove launches men’s shampoo line

Dove launches mens shampoo line


Dove launches men’s shampoo line

DOVE, one of Unilever Philippines’s personal care brands, has launched a men’s shampoo range to meet men’s less-acknowledged hair care needs.

“We decided to bring it in because there was a need. We talked to the Filipinos here, and we found that their needs [and problems] are actually, one, the hair fall, and two, the dandruff, and three, something menthol,” said Julia Ng, Dove Hair brand manager, during the launch on Aug. 12 at the SOMA, Green Sun, in Makati City.

Ms. Ng aimed to dispel the stereotype that men don’t care which shampoo they use, as long as the bottle says “shampoo.”

“They do [care]. There are certain needs they look for in products… they want an all-in-one thing,” she said.

The line, called Dove Men+Care Fortifying Shampoo, features three products: Refreshing Clean, Strengthening and Anti-Dandruff.

“The reason why [the line] is new is because it actually has caffeine — caffeine makes hair stronger and more resilient,” Ms. Ng said.

Marlo Mangilin, personal care research and development director, said in a company press release: “Based on our research, men have weaker scalps and are more prone to hair fall due to breakage.”

The introduction of the new shampoo range completes the Dove Men+Care product line, which includes deodorants and antiperspirants, body washes, and face washes/creams/lotions. It is targets the “more mature market (aged 25 and up)”, according to Ms. Ng, as these are the men who usually care about what they put on their hair.

“There are only two [men’s shampoo] players now… Head and Shoulders (Procter & Gamble) and you have Clear (Unilever) and they’re only offering anti-dandruff [shampoos],” she noted, before adding that Dove will be on the premium end of the product spectrum.

Since the shampoo line’s campaign tagline is “Care Makes a Man Stronger”, the launch concluded with the introduction of new Dove endorsers who are known “to actively exhibit their caring side”, including actor/host Ryan Agoncillo and athlete Doug Kramer, among others. Also launched were new television commercials, with one featuring a man whose hair is strong enough to be pulled by his child playing horse.