Dollar Beard Club, Launches a Monthly Membership of Grooming Products

Dollar Beard Club, Launches a Monthly Membership of Grooming Products Dollar Beard Club ships high-quality, beard cleaning and styling products to manly members on a monthly subscription basis.

Dollar Beard Club members can select products individually, or make their own kit of items that they would like to receive.

To begin a monthly subscription or create a kit, members follow three easy steps on the Dollar Beard Club website.


First, they select a desired base oil. They can then choose add-ons for their kit which include balms, waxes, and shampoos. Lastly, a one-time purchase can be made which includes either a brush or comb.

One half ounce of oil costs $1 per month, two ounces of oil costs $4 per month and four ounces costs $8 per month.

When creating a monthly kit, members can add beard and mustache wax for $6, balm for $7, or shampoo for $10.

The one-time purchase of a beard comb is $5 and it’s $9 for a boar bristle beard brush.

Dollar Beard Club’s featured Uncut Beard Co. Oil is made from the highest quality all-natural ingredients and is also chemical- and preservative-free.

The oil is made of five ingredients: sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, cedarwood atlas and fir needle.

Using beard oil makes beards not only softer, stronger, and smoother, but also minimizes itch and repairs damaged beard hair from everyday wear. Uncut Beard Co. Oil leaves beards looking shiny and healthy, but never greasy like other oils on the market.

There are multiple benefits of being a Dollar Beard Club member that include not only looking good, feeling great, and “smelling like a God,” but members also receive these quality products for extremely low prices and will also receive exclusive perks, benefits and access to contests.

Dollar Beard Club members can modify their subscriptions at any time, restock only what they need and cancel their subscription whenever.

Dollar Beard Club currently ships to the entire United States. However, in July 2015, shipping to Canada will be offered. Worldwide shipping is projected to start in the beginning of 2016. For more information about Dollar Beard Club, visit

About Dollar Beard Club

Dollar Beard Club delivers the highest quality beard care products directly to our member’s door every month. We produce massive quantities of products, and instead of making a lot of money off of a few people, we make a little bit of money from a lot of people. We do this because we care more about their beards than our pockets.

With this model, we can offer our members wholesale prices on products that will change their beards and lives for the better.

More so, Dollar Beard Club offers 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed, and there is no commitment or hidden fees.

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