Christophe Robins Hair Finish Lotions With Botanical Vinegars

Christophe Robin's Hair Finish Lotions With Botanical VinegarsPopular tradition gives vinegar many healthful benefits, both through topical and internal use: it is antiseptic, antioxidant, purifying, soothing, protective, and toning.

This new interest motivated hair colouring pioneer Christophe Robin to study the cosmetic properties linked to vinegar, and research formulas inspired by traditional recipes to create a product that meets the current needs of both men and women.




As a result of that research, Christophe and his team have created three hair finishing lotions with botanical vinegars whose components, rich in amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants, have been specially selected for their beneficial effects on the hair and skin:

A regenerating hair finish lotion with pure Hibiscus vinegar for fragile or sensitive hair.

It slows hair loss and stimulates cell renewal.

The scalp is soothed, hair is light and shiny from the root to the tip. Hair color is protected and stays brighter for longer.

Regenerating, antioxidant, soothing properties.

A purifying hair finish lotion with pure vinegar of Mediterranean Herbs for greasy hair.

The scalp is healthier and more comfortable, hair is light, clean and stays shiny for longer.

Purifying, balancing and soothing properties.

A brightening hair finish lotion with pure fruit vinegar and chamomile extracts to bring resistance and shine to lighter hair. It brightens dull blonde hair and protects it durably.

Clarifying, repairing and moisturizing* properties

These leave-in lotions are ready to use and can be applied after a shampoo or conditioner, as a final touch from the scalp to the tips. They are of course adapted to both natural and colored hair and guarantee an instant shine and lightness, as well as a clear and durable feeling of comfort for the scalp.

As vinegars are an excellent perfume base, we have selected three refined notes which will delicately perfume hair and evoke the bygone era of celebrated vinegar beauty elixirs.

Christophe Robin’s new finishing lotions with botanical vinegars are ideal for an instant refreshing effect.

Their many uses may prove surprising, and make them an essential part of beauty routines everywhere:

For less frequent washes

Against dandruff

To soothe sunburn and insect bites

As an energizing lotion after bathing, and more.

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