Propecia is the worlds best selling hair loss product

Propecia Leads to Depression

Propecia for hair lossJason has been prescribed Viagra to help with erectile dysfunction – a Propecia side effect.

Contrary to the Propecia manufacturer’s label warning, his condition isn’t short-term: Jason took the hair loss medication five years ago and he is in therapy for depression.

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Patent for Hair Loss Drug Propecia Expires in the UK

PropeciaPropecia is a prescription only medicine and currently costs around £40 per month, however this could reduce very substantially in the coming weeks.

The price of the generic alternative to branded Viagra fell by about 90% when it’s patent expired last year.

Now sildenafil (generic Viagra) is more freely available on the NHS and the same may happen with Propecia.

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Another Propecia Impotence Lawsuit Filed

Propecia side effectsThe latest entry in the Propecia finasteride litigation file appeared earlier this fall when a couple from the Sunshine State filed a Propecia lawsuit against Propecia manufacturer Merck & Co., alleging Propecia sexual dysfunction.

The Curious Profile of Finasteride: Another Propecia Impotence Lawsuit FiledPropecia and its close cousin Proscar both carry approval by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of hair loss and an enlarged prostate in men.

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Propecia Sexual Dysfunction Gives Rise to Establishment of Foundation

Propecia for hair lossIf there was ever any doubt that Propecia finasteride can foster sexual dysfunction and loss of libido in men, that doubt should be dashed by the establishment in 2012 of a foundation dedicated to conducting learned research in what is now referenced as Post-Finasteride Syndrome (PFS), with a view to further understanding what triggers Propecia sexual dysfunction and ways in which it could be avoided.

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Survivor Files Propecia Breast Cancer Lawsuit

Propecia packagingOn September 9, 2014, a former Propecia user commenced a civil lawsuit against the maker of the drug Merck & Co., Inc. alleging that the company failed to warn consumers of the potentially-deadly side effects of the prescription hair loss medication.

The action was filed in United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York and referred to as a matter related to ongoing Propecia multidistrict litigation.

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Propecia Lawsuit Battle Heats Up

propecia side effectsThe battle appears to be heating up in Propecia side effects lawsuits. The lawsuits allege men who used Propecia suffered from sexual dysfunction and other Propecia long-term side effects.

Propecia Lawsuit Battle Heats UpThe National Law Journal (8/12/14) reports that plaintiffs and defendants are arguing over more than 1,800 documents.

Plaintiffs want to compel Merck to provide those documents, claiming that the company has yet to produce any documents based on a claim misapplied of privilege.

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Merck, Plaintiffs Fight Over Privilege in Propecia Case

Propecia for hair lossPropecia drugmaker Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp. has argued that a motion to compel production of more than 1,800 documents for which it claims an attorney-client or work-product privilege is premature.

But, the plaintiffs dispute that, complaining that the drugmaker has, for more than four months, “not produced a single page it previously withheld because of a misapplied claim of privilege.”
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Lawsuits Allege Men Suffer Permanent Propecia Side Effects

propecia ipotencePropecia lawsuits have been filed against Merck, alleging that men who used Propecia and Proscar suffered side effects that they were not properly warned about.

Furthermore, they allege that they were not warned about the risk of Propecia long-term side effects, which could reportedly continue after medication was stopped.

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Propecia Victim Discusses Sexual Dysfunction Issues and More

Propecia for hair lossWhen it comes to talking about Propecia sexual dysfunction, most men wish to remain anonymous.

Not so in Jessie’s case. “I don’t want to be anonymous,” he says. “The fact is, I look at my son and think what a tragedy we didn’t do enough to take drugs like Propecia off the market.”

Propecia Victim Discusses Sexual Dysfunction Issues and MoreJessie was prescribed finasteride (Propecia is the brand name) to treat hair loss.

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Propecia Long-Term Side Effects

Propecia for hair lossNot only are Propecia side effects debilitating, they also cause long-term psychological problems. “Taking Propecia has been a huge handicap and embarrassment in my intimate relationships, causing further emotional and mental distress,” says Kevin.

Propecia Long-Term Side EffectsAlthough Merck, the manufacturer, warns of some Propecia sexual dysfunction on its label, it also says those side effects are temporary and will go away when the drug is discontinued.

Unfortunately, those side effects didn’t go away in Kevin’s case (not his real name). Read more