Propecia is the worlds best selling hair loss product

Propecia Decides Hairline or Healthy Sex Life

PropeciaChris and his wife have been trying to conceive since they married two years ago, just after he started taking Propecia for hair loss treatment.

“I stopped taking the drug but my sexual problems haven’t gone away and now we are concerned that these Propecia side effects might have ruined the chances of having a family,” he says.

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Propecia Really Screwed Me Up

propecia impotenceIt’s not easy for a man to talk about his sexual problems, but many men who have taken Propecia are so furious with the manufacturer that they welcome this opportunity to warn others about Propecia long-term side effects, such as erectile dysfunction, which can also lead to severe depression, as it did in Paul’s case.



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Sexual dysfunction inadequately reported in hair loss drug trials

Finasteride propecia hair loss First meta-analysis to look at quality of safety reporting in published reports of clinical trials of the drug finasteride for male pattern baldness

Zero of 34 clinical trials had adequate safety reporting

Available toxicity information in published reports of clinical trials is very limited, of poor quality and appears systematically biased



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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Merck for Suicide Allegedly Linked to Hair Loss Drug Propecia

Propecia for hair lossConsumer-rights law firm Hagens Berman is representing surviving family members in a wrongful death lawsuit against Merck & Co. MRK, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, for allegedly failing to warn of dangerous side effects relating to suicidality and suicide ideation in its prescription hair loss drug Propecia. Hagens

Berman is seeking information from others who have taken Propecia and experienced these side effects.




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New Studies Announced to Scrutinize Propecia Impotence

Propecia packagingAn indicator of the seriousness and real-world concern over Propecia finasteride remains the implementation of studies designed to delve into why some men experience sexual dysfunction following use of Propecia for either hair loss or problems related to the prostate.

Many plaintiffs allege that not only did Propecia foster sexual dysfunction while actively on the drug, but also that problem persisted long after use of Propecia was halted.


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More Than 700 Propecia Lawsuits Sit in Propecia MDL

Propecia for hair lossMore than 700 Propecia lawsuits currently sit in a Propecia MDL for pretrial proceedings, according to documents from the US Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation.

The lawsuits allege men suffered serious Propecia side effects, including sexual dysfunction.

These reported Propecia side effects in men are also allegedly longer lasting than some plaintiffs say they were led to believe.




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Propecia Leads to Anxiety and Depression

Propecia packagingHumiliation, embarrassment, frustration, anger, anxiety and depression are some of the emotions described by men who are living with Propecia side effects.

These side effects don’t appear to be “short-term” as Merck, the manufacturer, indicates.

Propecia Leads to Anxiety and DepressionSam (not his real name) should be in the prime of life: he is 32 years old, blessed with good looks and health and he has a great job. But this past year has been a nightmare.


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Propecia Sexual Dysfunction, and No End in Sight

propecia side effectsWhile it has been two years since the watershed year of 2012 when studies and concern surfaced in a big way over Propecia finasteride, the issue has since been quietly bubbling at a slow boil, with the Propecia lawsuit ledger continuing to escalate.

As of June 30, according to Q2 summaries filed by Propecia manufacturer Merck & Co. with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), some 1,280 lawsuits involving some 1,550 plaintiffs were on the books.



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UK Man Experiences Devastating Propecia Side Effects

propecia lawsuiteResearch originating from the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Services discovered that a vast majority of Propecia finasteride study participants experienced Propecia sexual dysfunction.

And yet Paul Innes, who hails from Kingston upon Hull in the UK, was told by his family doctor that he had just a two percent chance of experiencing low libido or other sexual problems in association with Propecia finasteride use.



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Minnesota Couple Alleges Severe, Lasting Harm from Propecia

propecia lawsuiteAdding to the tally of lawsuits making their way into the Propecia multidistrict litigation (MDL) in the Eastern District of New York is a recent case filed by a Minnesota couple alleging serious and potentially permanent harm resulting from the husband’s use of finasteride as a baldness treatment.

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