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Healthy Lifestyle = Healthy Hair Says Dallas Hair Restoration Expert!

citrusJust about everyone wants to know the secret to healthy hair! Is it the latest and greatest in hair potions, or a brand new salon quality hair product that everyone who’s everyone in Hollywood is using?

The answer may surprise you…

Experts agree that a healthy lifestyle including a balanced diet with protein and other nutrients along with exercise is the key to improving the look, feel and quality of your hair.

Healthy hair requires the same nutrients and vitamins as the rest of our bodies do.  Read more

New Roux Anti-aging Hair Care Brings Back Younger-looking Hair Instantly

Roux-AA-group-wAmpoulesJust as your skin can start to develop fine lines and look dull as early as your twenties, your hair can age prematurely, too. Color loss, thinning, breakage and dryness can all make hair look lifeless and fragile, as mechanical, environmental and chemical stresses take their toll.

But now, you can turn back time, thanks to Roux Anti-Aging Hair Care. The 10 new products offer a solution for every age-related hair challenge, and bring back healthier, stronger, fuller, shinier, bouncier hair at any age. Read more

Looking for Love Online Profile Picture Pointers for Men

Hair Club Logo chromeMillions of people scour the internet for their soul mates every day. With the large number of people searching for true love online, it’s not unlikely for many singles to find their true “happily ever after” digitally. Read more

Unilever settles $10.2 million class action lawsuit

suave-keratin-infusion-treatmentHair loss from Suave product causes Unilever to settle for 10.2 million dollar lawsuit. Women reported having their hair become discolored, breaking off, falling out in clumps and suffering scalp burns after using Suave Keratin Infusion treatments.

According to a report by Law 360 which was published on Feb. 10, in United States District Court in Illinois late last week, Unilever settled a class action lawsuit filed by consumers concerning their hair care product, Suave Keratin Infusion treatments.  Read more

AK Clinics Introduces A Free Consultation Hair Analysis Session

hair lossEver wondered how a little hope can sparkle up the surrounding? Well, we understand the concerns that a person who is partially bald or is losing hair gradually, has.

Even a little hope of having healthy and fuller hair makes you travel miles.

But in most cases, the result is not as fruitful. Keeping in mind the expectations of several souls suffering from hair loss, AK Clinics started its tenure a few years back. Read more

Hair Essentials Launches Holiday Promotion

Hair EssentialsHair Essentials, a leading dietary supplement designed to naturally combat hair loss, repair hair follicles and stimulate healthy hair growth, announced today their Holiday Promotion.

Hair Essentials is providing 20% off any order of three bottles purchased through Dec. 31.

When purchasing, simply use the promo code (Holiday13) and help keep your locks healthy throughout the winter season.

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The new 16 scalp care tips article covers natural ways that instruct people how to treat dandruff at home effectively.

tips-on-how-to-treat-dandruff-at-homeThe new “16 scalp care tips” article on the site teaches people how to treat dandruff at home without using any kind of harmful drugs or medications.

This article is actually suitable for those people who want to remove the symptoms and eliminate the symptoms of dandruff fast.

At the beginning of the article, the writer reveals to people some underlying causes of their dry scalp condition.

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Hair-Helping Foods to Be Thankful for This Thanksgiving

thanksgiving_hairclubThanksgiving is a time to be thankful for health and happiness—and to show off your great hair.

And what better way to enjoy all of the above than over an abundance of delicious food with family and friends?

Many people aren’t aware that hair requires the same overall nutrition that the body does—a well balanced diet complete with protein, fruits, vegetables and grains.  Read more

Transform Your Look Virtually with the State-of-the-Art Hair Restoration App “Hair Now”

Hair Now AppDr. Parsa Mohebi has invented a state-of-the-art app known as “Hair Now”, which lets patients see what their hair restoration results will look like after undergoing a hair transplant.

Dr. Mohebi decided to develop the app because of patients’ requests for a software that can give them an idea of how they will look after their hair transplant.

“Patients that come and see me for a hair loss consultation are anxious to see the way that they will look after a hair restoration.

Until this app, there was no method that allowed patients to see a realistic look.”

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Thinning Hair Loss Treatment Nonsurgical Alternative Is Introduced By Revivogen

RevivogenReviogen announced their latest breakthrough in hair loss treatment Monday, a revolutionary innovation that’s completely nonsurgical with absolutely zero side effects.

Reviogen’s discovery is even more exciting for women that are suffering from female pattern baldness because the use of drugs like Propecia have only been FDA-approved for men. Read more