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Spencer Stevenson of Spexhair on How To Cure Baldness

Spencer Stevenson of Spexhair.com Interviewed By The Telegraph Newspaper on How To Cure Baldness

Spencer Stevenson, the owner of the popular hair loss help website spexhair.com, was interviewed by Peter Lloyd from the prestigious newspaper The Telegraph giving his insights and knowledge on how to treat male pattern baldness through proven treatments.

In the article published on the 23rd of November by the Telegraph titled ‘How to cure baldness (without losing your money as well as your hair)’, Spencer discusses the growing amount of men wanting to treat their hair loss and more importantly the actual methods which are proven to work.

Spencer, when asked about the best way to start thinking about treating hair loss, had the following to say: “The key, it seems, it to stabilise hair loss before stepping into a transplant clinic.

The only products that work in my experienced opinion are a combination of 1mg Finasteride (Propecia) and a topical application of Minoxidil (Rogaine), with occasional use of Nizoral.

Everything else, including trendy caffeinated shampoos, might keep the scalp clean or promote follicle health, but they do nothing to stop the hair being attacked by DHT, which is crucial.”

The industry according to Spencer is growing by 35% over the past two years and turns over £1.5 Billion. Average Hair transplants cost around £5,000-£7,000 depending on the number of grafts being transplanted and the clinic.

Spencer further revealed what not to waste any money on when it comes to treating hair loss which were:

Laser Caps/combs, herbal supplements and caffeine shampoos.

The article published by The Telegraph is among several interviews Spencer Stevenson has given over the past few years on the topic of hair loss.

Those interested can read more about Spencer Stevenson and his media coverage by visiting his hair loss website spexhair.com.