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HeadPower Hair Clinic Announces Pro Bono SMP Treatment


Toronto based HeadPower Hair Clinic Announces Pro Bono SMP Treatment for Victims of Hair Loss Due to Medical Reasons

HeadPower Hair Clinic is offering annual pro bono Scalp Micropigmentation treatments for victims of medical hair loss.

Directors at the Hair Clinic aim to boost the self-esteem of individuals who are suffering from hair loss or thinning hair through illness (including the side effects of drug treatment).

The free Treatment will be performed at the HeadPower Toronto SMP Clinic, and is geared towards someone who is living with a severe vitamin deficiency or underlying health syndrome which is causing their hair to fall out.

It could include conditions such as stress, alopecia, lupus, polycystic ovary syndrome or a thyroid hormone imbalance.

They may also be experiencing the psychological condition Trichotillomania.

Other reasons for hair loss could include the use of anabolic steroids, beta-blockers, blood thinning drugs such as Warfarin, lithium, certain antidepressants or chemotherapy treatment for cancer.

“Suffering from any of the conditions we have mentioned can be difficult enough for an individual and their family or friends to have to deal with without them having to face the added complication of hair loss as well,” said HeadPower’s Media Relations Director Steve Greer.

“Let’s face it, losing your hair can prove devastating. It can alter the way an individual sees his or herself and can really affect their self-esteem. It’s demoralizing and upsetting.

In a lot of cases hair loss can result in the individual shunning society, and at a time when it’s often more important than ever to see people and get out and about. That’s because socializing can distract from an illness and prove an important part of the healing process.”

HeadPower Hair Clinic directors say SMP can help with hair loss and thinning in the vast majority of cases. However, they admit that the solution is not within everyone’s budget.

Because of this, they are offering the free treatment to an individual for whom SMP would not normally be a financially viable option.

Despite this, the innovative hair loss solution is far less expensive than traditional treatments such as hair transplants and wigs.

It should prove affordable for those on a living wage and average outgoings.

The non-invasive process works by way of embedding non-toxic pigmentation into the outer (epidermal) layers of the skin on the scalp.

This, in turn, replicates the look of a hair follicle. It takes skilled technicans an average of 2 sessions to cover entire areas of the scalp with around 2500 simulated hair follicles per every square inch of skin.

More or less anyone can benefit from SMP treatment since it is suitable for all skin shades including African-Canadian, Caucasian, Asian and a variety of mixed races.

Those keen on receiving the treatment should contact the Toronto HeadPower Hair Clinic, which also deals with male pattern baldness.

The clinic offers a free consultation.

Its services and a detailed explanation of the treatment process including before and after pictures, can be found on the company website – http://www.HeadPower.ca