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Hair Loss Concealers

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Concealers can do an excellent job of thickening your hair

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Hair Loss

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Read about the only prescription drug approved to treat male pattern baldness

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Hair Transplant

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A hair transplant can give excellent results if the procedure is carried out by a competent surgeon.

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Balding or thinning hair is more treatable than ever before. Discover causes of hair loss and more about baldness prevention, treatment solutions for alopecia, male pattern baldness, hair loss in females.

As reported by the American HairLoss Association, two-thirds of males have the problem by the age of 35. But women can also be affected, making up 40 percent of sufferers. Affecting one’s self-image and their emotional well-being, the situation has been a difficult one to treat.

Male pattern hair-loss usually follows a structure of a shrinking hairline, accompanied by thinning on the crown and temples. During female pattern baldness, hair usually only thins on the crown of the head.

Female pattern baldness is also a growing problem.

Hair loss may also get called androgenetic alopecia. Usually, Male-pattern baldness is a heredity condition that runs in the family.

Alopecia Areata is a problem that causes small baldness patches which can appear and disappear randomly. It may occur at pretty much any age, but usually, it mostly affects adolescents. It is considered that Alopecia Areata is actually caused by problems with the immune system. In a lot of cases, the bald spots grow back, usually within a year. There are now many treatments available to help with Alopecia.

Anagen effluvium is widespread loss of hair that can affect one’s scalp, body and/or face. A common cause of this type of hair loss is chemotherapy for the treatment of cancer. Hair will normally start to regrow within months when chemotherapy has treatment has ceased.

Trichotillomania can cause hair loss in women and is generally caused by compulsive pulling and also twirling the hair. The onset of this disorder tends to begin around the start of puberty and usually continues through adulthood.

We have right here all the latest in hair transplant and hair restoration news. News about all hair products and the latest treatments from around the world.

Regaine (Minoxidil) is now a medication which no longer requires a prescription, that has been approved for the treatment of hair loss treating male pattern baldness.

It is perfectly normal to lose hair. People may lose up to one hundred hairs each day, usually without even noticing.

Hair loss may not be something to be worried about, however occasionally it could be signs of some medical condition.

Various types of hair loss can be permanent, such as male pattern hairloss. This type of hair loss is often hereditary and runs in the family.

Most people have between one hundred and one hundred and fifty thousand hairs on the head.

The number of hairs lost in a day varies but on average is one hundred.

The first noticeable signs of hair loss that people notice more hairs than normal are left in the comb or in the sink after shampooing.

Various styling methods may also reveal areas of thin hair, such as wider partings or thinning at the crown.